Greetings from Middletown, CA . 

My name is Pam Blohm,  and I am a full time artist,  on my journey of a thousand miles. I began with a single step toward this, my own dream, about 2 years ago. I will not say it is easy, I will say I love it. I retired from Social Services 4 yrs. ago , with a clear vision of painting art . That dream was disrupted for a few years, with our local 'Valley Fire" that distroyed 250 acreas of our land. I had much to learn about social media . Just because I create art I like, does not mean that art will sell. The first step was to invest in myself. No cheap venture. I purchased 24 canvases, Acrylic Paints, Watercolors, Watercolor Paper, alot of paint brushes, Acrylic Mediums, and so much more. 

Next, was to carve out a space to paint, in a room I already had set up for crafting and cardmaking. So day by day I began to paint items of my own interest, until I had completed the two dozen paintings. Then I began the search for a local shop that might be will to purchase them , or allow me to show them . I heard many no, not interested in art.  I finally found a local gallery that was opened to promote local arts and crafts. By renting a wall space, by the foot, I had my first showing to my community of the art I create. setting a price for my art proved to be a difficult task. I researched etsy sellers for for simular sizes and quality of work , only to discover that prices are all over the map, depending on the artist. I wanted to at least recover my cost of the canvas and paints, as well as the rented space, and the sales price percentage I would have to pay the gallery, and at least $10 per hour for my time. And that is where I began with a price list. I signed my first contract on April 17th, 2018, for a Locals gallery in Lower Lake, CA.