every artist is on the lookout for inspiration, and I am no exception. It may be that I spend 30 minutes in the morning looking through my saved Pinterest posts , It may be that I take a photo of a bicylce on display in a garden, It may be fish swimming in a pond. Whatever it is, I have to commit to painting everyday. Today I have spend 6 hours painting dogs. I have never painted or drawn a dog in my life. I can not draw worth a lick , but with paint I can see it come to life. What I have a new series I really want to paint, I practice. Nothing done well, comes to be, without practice.. It doesn't make it perfect, but better . What do you feel passionate enought about that you really want to create ?? start it and then practice... Many a practice piece has made it to my round file, but a few have made it to my gallery.. just sayin