One of the many challenges of being a artist,  is that you have to be ready for up and coming holidays or events . Having art ready to sell in Dec. means I spent time in July,  and Aug; to work out the details of a design. It may appear simple at first glance,  but what you don't see is this. The piece of birch plywood was once a piece 3 ft. x 4 ft and I had to have my husband cut it into various smaller sizes for my paint projects. I then sanded that piece of wood to remove slivers and create a smooth paint surface. I painted alot of pieces of wood black on one side, until it dries, and then painted the other side. Than I am ready to begin laying down layers of color.  I have a dozen pieces of this size wood, ready to paint on . I ordered wood stars. I painted them yellow and sanded the edges. I drilled a hole in them . They are ready .  I have stock on hand to create the same work for the Christmas  season.